Amornmas Company Limited
AM-20 Popup Target

AM-20 Popup Target

  • Electro-mechanical unit to raise and lower target silhouette, with hit detector.
  • Operate in various configurations: Pop up, Side up, Turn, Swivel.
  • Self-locking mechanism to withstand strong wind or hit impacts.
  • Electronics control locally, and remotely via simple wiring.
  • Hit detection function at rate upto 1000 counts/minute.
  • Operates from AC power.
  • Very low maintenance requirement.
  • Waterproof casing.
  • Specially designed for operations in tropical climate (heavy rain, high humidity and strong sunlight).
  • Lightweight. Easy to install. Easy to handle.
  • Provided as standard an external outlet for flash light, light signalling, etc. for night training.
  • Dimension approx. 46cm x 58cm x 47cm (18"x23"x18") (WxDxH)
  • Weight approx. 25 kg. (55 lbs.)

AM-20 configuration

Click buttons below to try different target configurations: