Amornmas Company Limited
AM-100 Target Controller
AM-100 sample screens

AM-100 Target Controller

  • Controls operations of all targets according to predefined control programs.
  • LCD touch screen control panel.
  • Portable, rugged design aluminium casing.
  • Controls targets via simple wiring from distance over 1000m. (3300')
  • One control unit can control upto 100 targets individually, or thousands of targets with signal repeaters (optional).
  • Stores upto 250 user programs. Controls upto 8 different programs at the same time.
  • AARM user friendly, only a few simple touches to select match and/or practice and run it.
  • Fully supports all matches/ practices of AARM competition.
  • Operates from internal 24V batteries, with built-in AC adapter/charger.
  • Dimension approx. 28cm x 38cm x 22cm (11"x15"x9") (WxDxH). Weight approx. 12 kg. (26 lbs)