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SALTS: Small Arms Laser Training System

Small arms training system for gunnery training and improving shooting skill. The instrumented weapon fires laser shots at target instead of live ammunitions, with simulated recoil effect. Results are displayed instantly and accurately for each and every shot.

  • Easy to transport, install, and operate.
  • Safe and economical.
  • 2-25 meters shooting range.
  • Instrumented rifles or pistols including recoil force.
  • Target silhouettes vary to user requirement.
  • Various exercises with preset ammunitions and time.
  • Effects including sound as well as visual imagery at each shooter monitor.
  • Automatic scoring and recordable for immediate and after action review.
  • Software-based weapon zeroing.
  • A perfect solution and one of the most economical ways for the mass basic gunnery and refreshment training programs.

Save time, energy and money while gaining shooting skill with SALTS.


SALTS Brochure (680 KB)